Soal Snmptn

We have often said that SNMPTN like Stage-Made War while the test itself is the battlefield (battle). Meanwhile, the real war is the struggle to achieve your success each with SNMPTN. In order to achieve success is more determined SNMPTN factor Emotional Intelligence (IE = emotional maturity) rather than intelligence factor (read IQ = Intelligence Quotient) he is a man of intelligence shown by intelligence tests, a measure of a person’s intelligence as indicated by an intelligence test. So the Smart is only a plus that the right action that can escape from the “needle pit” SNMPTN such a tight!

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Let us all realize that SNMPTN is one type of selection we should follow so that we can go to college at State Universities which we crave. SNMPTN according to the activities of the selection committee a candidate to enter the State University at the national level with the written test patterns and test specific skills for a particular study program. The fact of SNMPTN shows that the competition level is high enough and for some PTN SNMPTN very favorite, reality show competition ratio is very high.
In SNMPTN 2008, of a total of 378,054 participants SNMPTN just as much as 83,490 participants who received at 57 public universities (PTN) in Indonesia. The amount is comprised of participants who received 41,145 courses and 42,345 participants IPA received IPS courses. If dipersentasekan who graduated only about 22.1%, a small amount because the failure rate SNMPTN reach about 71.9%. In the year 2009 this number reached 2009 Pre-Application SNMPTN 422,418 participants:) this figure rose significantly around 42 thousand compared with SNMPTN 2008. Meanwhile About a contested seat so that the level of rigor 80,000 SNMPTN 2009 SNMPTN higher than 2008.

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